Tiger Vallier Coffee Makeract Act A040 R Overview

The tiger vallier coffee makeract act a040 r is easily the best deal for under $200 price and has high marks from coffee machine customers. The combination of shipping from japan and low price makes it one of a particular coffee makers to pick on the market.

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As a perfect coffee makers, question 1: can this pot be put directly on a burner?
a: no

question 2: was wondering what type of stainless steel? is it food grade (304, 430, 220, etc.)?
a: taoindustry french press is is 18/10 stainless steel, which also equates to type 304, which is 18% chromium and 10% nickel. it is a common food preparation grade stainless steel and is of a higher quality than the more common 18/8 grade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/stainless_steel

question 3: how many ounces of coffee can you make in one pressing? it claims to hold a liter.
a: it depends on how you like your coffee and what your grounds are like. i grind my coffer fairly fine(too fine and it gets a chalky consistency). you can get 4 cups of 8oz or 2 cups of 16oz

question 4: how long does the coffee stay hot?
a: 45 minutes to 1 hour the coffee stays warm hot. if you can finish couple cups for 30 minutes, you should be ok.

question 5: how to change the filters
a: the bottom portion, below the screens, unscrews off for replacement. you need to get a good grip either at plunger shaft or the top of that shaft. grab the sides of the screen frame and just turn counter clockwise.

question: when you press down the plunger, does it scratch the wall and produce fine steel powder into the coffee?
a: i have mine for several months now and have never noticed fine steel powder. stainless steel is hard and durable. we use course ground coffee and never had a problem.

This taoindustry french press coffee maker double wall stainless steel – heat resistant columbia 8-cup 1 liter + free bonuses fit for someone who need coffee machine with superior value: receive 2 bonus stainless steel screens (over $15 value) absolutely free! **limited quantity!** this complete bundle includes: 1 french press expresso coffee maker + measurement scoop + 2 extra reusable screen filters. to us, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions: this 34oz french press pot makes 4 cups of coffee and all you need to do is add hot water to your choice of ground coffee to enjoy that european coffee experience. pure quality coffee control – no more bitter coffee grinds in your coffee with our newest invention double/triple wall screen filter! it makes smooth, rich and robust tasting coffee or tea. dishwasher safe: all parts are high quality steel, will not rust or break i easy wash: cleaning is also effortless because all the parts can be disassembled and reassembled. a best gift: a great choice for family or friends who love to drink coffee or tea. also perfect for camping trips or to take to holiday homes – just take your coffee and add hot water! give yourself the coffee you deserve! **perfect 20156 gift**.

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