Trinity Press Immersion Specialty Coffee Basic Info

Some of the trinity press immersion specialty coffee aspects are trinity one that packed with this single-serve brewer are very fascinating coffee makers points. It’s just under $260 price.

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As a perfect coffee makers,

“coffee is a language in itself” jackie chan

we are all different, and every one of us likes his coffee just a little different.

those machines. they make the same coffee every time… but the french press gives us

the freedom to make our own unique coffee!

the grumpy dude that won’t talk in the morning before a big mug of strong black coffee,

the working mom that need just a small cup of hot and smooth delight before another day begins,

the friend that want to invite everyone to coffee. you! that want to make your coffee just the way

you like it.

 it runs in the family.

coffee takes a big part in our family life. so, as such family, we’ve walked a great distance

to get the perfect coffee. we’ve tested every method and machine, toured the world for different

tastes and found the perfect fit for us in the french press. then, we developed the perfect french press

that would serve our high demands from a coffee maker. now, we are willing to share this creation with you!


why tasta?

  • high quality materials
  • double layered filter
  • smart design
  • easy to clean
  • fit for every coffee

 our promise

when buying a tasta french press you enter a family of coffee lovers, and we would like

to warmly welcome you to this community. we respect our family and therefore we give

a lifetime warranty to all our customers.

your perfect coffee is just few clicks away. just click the “add to cart” button on the top right corner

of your screen and the tasta french press will be on its way to you.

and hey! don’t throw away your old coffee maker just yet… it will probably make a wonderful door holder.

This tasta quality stainless-steel french press coffee maker. heavy duty for long and intense use. fda approved. double filter. double wall. keep warm. 1 liter (34 oz). special bonus – measuring scoop. appropriate for anyone who are looking for single-serve brewer with lifetime warranty – we provide a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. when you purchase our coffee press you become a part of the tasta family. so, enjoy your coffee and welcome to the family!. double layered filter – the tasta french press has a stainless-steel double layered dense mesh filter that fits perfectly to the pot to ensure a grounds-free coffee with each use. high quality material – the tasta french press is made from high quality double walled stainless-steel, making this product strong yet lightweight; the double-wall design creates an insulated layer that protects your hands while keeping your coffee hot for a long time. smart design – the tasta french press is exquisitely designed for your convenience. the handle enables a firm grasp, and is designed to avoid slipping. the slim design makes the tasta french oress easy to store, carry and pack. easy to clean – cleaning the tasta french press is as easy as it gets. the coffee maker can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, or with running water, scrubbing and so on. more cleaning tips are included with the product. excellent percolator, elite coffee pot – tasta french press is good for every coffee type. use ground coffee or grind it yourself, add flavors (ask us how!), fix the coffee-to-water ratio to your taste and even use it for espresso or tea! this is freedom! get your coffee just the way you like it. all these features makes the tasta an elite coffee percolator, and the fit for every coffee pot you ever wanted. so come on! click “add to cart” now and start to enjoy a better coffee!.

During the time of uploading this trinity press immersion specialty coffee review, there have been more than 8 reviews on this link. Some of the reviews were really appreciate and we give rating 3.4 from 5 for this trinity one 3-in-1 press, drip, immersion specialty coffee maker, black. It comfortable and better to purchase this coffee maker since get a chance to know how real buyers felt about purchasing this single-serve brewers. Reviews by people who have used or previously picked this trinity press immersion specialty coffee are valuable evidence to make selections.

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