Hipcup Sumatra Coffee, Dark Roast, Ground – 10 Oz At A Glance

Some of the hipcup sumatra coffee, dark roast, ground – 10 oz aspects are 100% arabica coffee that packed with this coffee are very fascinating coffee points. It’s just less than $20 price.

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As a particular coffee, in the summer of 1870, our family’s passion for the world’s finest coffee became the inspiration for a dedicated family business. don francisco’s coffee, named for our grandfather, reflects the art of roasting he learned as a young boy and later passed down to us. today we continue to honor his legacy by sourcing the world’s best beans and roasting them to perfection. don francisco’s coffee family reserve are our most distinctive. they are personally selected by our family from the world’s finest regions then specially roasted to reveal its unique flavor, aroma, acidity and overall taste. these coffees are special and so is the care we put into them. we are proud of our family reserve.

This gaviña old havana espresso, 16 single pods, compatible with keurig k-cup 1.0 brewers due for someone who need coffee with strong, bold, full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee. a dark roast, extra-fine ground coffee made with 100% premium arabica coffee beans. our canned coffee is packaged to guarantee outstanding quality. we personally cup each sample to ensure that it meets our standards. sustainable coffee roasting leaves a light carbon footprint – are you sipping sustainable coffee? at gaviña, we make environmentally “green” coffee at our eco-friendly facility in california. we are committed to preserving the earth’s natural resources for future generations. we are fortunate to have extraordinary and consistent access to the finest coffee from central and south america, through southeast asia and east africa. we source our coffee from different parts of the world that fall within the “coffee belt.” this is an area between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn. it’s here in these elevated, mountainous regions near the equator that the best beans are grown.

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