Bodum Chocolatiere Glass Hot Chocolate Maker/Frother Explained

The bodum chocolatiere glass hot chocolate maker/frother is easily the best deal for affordable price and has high marks from french press customers. The combination of patented plunger froths & mixes at the same time and low price makes it one of a good coffee makers to pick on the market.

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As a good coffee makers, considering peoples love affair with chocolate,bodum designed a delightful chocolate jug with unique blender-like qualities. the bodum design significantly differs from classic ceramic or porcelain chocolate jugs but is still reminiscent of grandma’s milk jug in form and shape. the cleverly devised manual blender of the chocolatiere consists of a propeller attached to a spiral rod that smoothly mixes the chocolate or chocolate powder, producing a rich froth. this makes it a fun-to-use tool, ensuring the best mixed chocolate milk! the handle and the jug are made of heat-resistant, see-through borosilicate glass. the lid is made of stainless steel and plastic with a silicone gasket for better tightness. all parts are dishwasher safe. the manual blender can be fully disassembled for better cleaning. fine drinking chocolate is becoming more and more popular across the us. just cut up some fine chocolate and place it into the jug. fill the jug with warm milk, set the lid in place and move the plunger up and down until you have a nice mixed chocolate and foam. for an even easier method, put cold milk into the microwave safe borosilicate glass jug and heat the milk in the microwave. then just add the chocolate and froth. if you let the chocolate milk sit for a few minutes between servings it will naturally start to separate and that’s ok. just plunge a few times to mix everything back up. the chocolatiere has a 1.0 l, 34 oz. capacity.

This bodum chocolatiere glass hot chocolate maker/frother fit for someone who need french press with patented plunger froths & mixes at the same time. temperature safe borosilicate glass beaker. works with real chocolate & chocolate powder. microwave safe glass jug. dishwasher safe.

It will most comfortable and better to get this coffee maker after get an opportunity to read how real purchaser felt about ordering this french presses. During the time of publishing this bodum chocolatiere glass hot chocolate maker/frother review, there have been more than 47 reviews on this web. Most of the reviews were appreciate and we give rating 3 from 5 for this bodum chocolatiere glass hot chocolate maker/frother. Reviews by individuals who have take on board this bodum chocolatiere glass chocolate frother are useful output to make decisions.

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